Past Productions

Superior Donuts

September 9-18, 2011

Arthur Przybyszewski owns a decrepit donut shop in the uptown neighborhood of Chicago. Franco Wicks, a black teenager who is his only employee, and wants to change the shop for the better, while Max Tarasov wants to knock it down to expand his DVD store. This comedy-drama, set in the heart of one of Chicago’s most diverse communities—much like Clifton where the play will be performed) explores the challenges of embracing the past, keeping up with the future, and the redemptive power of friendship and community.

Cast & Creative
Directed by Cathy Springfield

Starring Michael Bath as Max Tarasov
Carol Brammer as Officer Randy Osteen
Carter Bratton as Kevin MaGee
Kevin Crowley as Arthur Przybyszewski
Buz Davis as Luther Flynn
Reggie Willis as Officer James Hailey
Brandon Anderson as Franco Wicks
Pam Shooner as Lady Boyle
Pepper Sweeney as Kiril Ivakin

Press & Reviews
Superior Donuts (Review)
Superior Donuts Receives 3 League of Cincinnati Theatre Awards

Michael Bath and Kevin Crowley Brandon Anderson Kevin Crowley and Brandon Anderson Kevin Crowley and Carol Brammer Michael Bath, Carol Brammer and Reggie Willis Carol Brammer, Michael Bath and Reggie Willis Carol Brammer and Kevin Crowley Michael Bath and Carol Brammer Brandon Anderson and Kevin Crowley Carter Bratton, Brandon Anderson and Buz Davis Kevin Crowley and Pam Schooner Reggie Willis and Kevin Crowley Carter Bratton and Buz Davis Buz Davis and Kevin Crowley Pepper Sweeney, Carter Bratton and Michael Bath Superior Donuts cast


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