Past Productions

A Behanding in Spokane

March 10-23, 2013

A dingy motel room, small-town America. Carmichael travels with a suitcase full of hands, but he wants his own back. Toby has a hand that he’d like to sell Carmichael for the right price. Marilyn wishes that Toby had never stolen that hand from the museum. Mervyn thinks Marilyn is pretty hot. He works reception, though he wouldn’t call himself a receptionist. Life and death are up for grabs, and fate is governed by imbeciles and madmen in this darkly comic new play from the acclaimed playwright Martin McDonagh.

Cast & Creative
Directed by Kevin Crowley

Starring Michael Bath as Mervyn
Carol Brammer as Marilyn
Buz Davis as Carmichel
Reggie Willis as Toby

Lighting and set design by Buz Davis
Sound design by David Levy
Hands designed and created by Leah Strasser

Press & Reviews
Review: A Behanding in Spokane, Clifton Players
CP’s A Behanding in Spokane Earns Five LCT Nominations

Michael Bath, Carol Brammer, Reggie Willis, Buz Davis Carol Brammer, Buz Davis Reggie Willis, Carol Brammer, Buz Davis Carol Brammer Reggie Willis and Carol Brammer Buz Davis Michael Bath


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