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The Riverside is open for business this September!

Announcing The Riverside, the first show for the Clifton Players for 2014-2015 season! Tickets are on sale now!

1989 was a seminal year: Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall and in Cincinnati, icon Pete Rose was permanently banned from the game of baseball. As the denizens of the Riverside bar in Cincinnati closely follow the Rose saga, other big changes are afoot and decisions regarding the future of this family owned bar will irrevocably change the family and its patrons. Runs September 11-27, 2014.

Written and directed by Kevin Crowley. Starring Pete Wood, Michael Shooner, Buz Davis, Christine Dye, Reggie Willis, Mike Dennis, Daniel Britt, Mindy Heithaus, Mark Bowen, MaryKate Moran, Paul Morris, Cathy Springfield and Gary McGurk.

Click here to get your tickets, or better yet, buy a season pass and see The Riverside and the rest of our main stage shows!


2 thoughts on “The Riverside is open for business this September!

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